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Çiğdem Kayalı is one of the leaders who shed light on the digital transformation journeys of corporations and played a role in spreading rapidly developing technology trends. The last 5 years has endeavored to take advantage of cloud services from different sectors and played a role in Microsoft's taking place in Turkey as the leader in the public cloud.

Kayalı, who likes to take controlled risks and has a deep knowledge of the industry, has pioneered the introduction of cloud services to corporations and consumers. Kayalı designed, developed and managed the market strategy of Microsoft cloud services, especially Office 365. During his 20-year tenure at Microsoft, Kayali gained fame by developing business strategies and implementing new business models. He held various management positions at Microsoft MEA, CEE and EMEA regional offices. As well as leading the digital transformation activities in the countries of the region, he has played a role in the adaptation of these product groups in different sectors.

Kayalı is a Computer Engineer with a Master's degree in Business Administration.



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Çiğdem Kayalı

Çiğdem Kayalı

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