Diversity and Digital Transformation in Company Culture

The health crisis we are experiencing nowadays shows that everyone in the world is in an inseparable connection beyond the place we live in, the industry we work in or other topics that we can use to introduce ourselves. While the COVID-19 outbreak changed many of the things we know before our eyes, rapid steps were taken to digitize all over the world.

Digital transformation, which was mentioned frequently before but with the increase in the number of employees from home, has taken important steps in a short time, creates many new business areas in companies. However, according to research, even one of the five women does not focus on STEM, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Moreover, 25 percent of women who do not focus on STEM domains believe that they do not believe that they can be successful, and almost a third of those who do not have an expert technical role say that they do not have the right qualifications. For these reasons, they stop making a career in technology.

So what can we do to reverse this situation? First of all, every company needs to create a unique strategy on this issue. Because real change starts with such a step. Just like a business plan, it will give results when certain goals are set.

As HP, we see diversity as an integral part of the corporate culture. We believe that gathering people with different opinions and different age and gender groups increases creativity. The rate of women employees and managers in our company is 55 percent. 15 percent of our employees are young employees in their 20s who are defined as Z generation.

Although the beginner level education and skill initiatives for employees who are just starting their career are important, experienced professionals who take a break from their career for reasons such as having children should not be ignored. It is necessary to give more options for them to return and to support them if they wish. This means a great opportunity to increase the number of women in the technology sector through training and skills development.

We need to break the prejudices by telling more about what technology career can offer women in terms of flexibility and job opportunities. Ensuring gender equality in the field of technology will help countries to meet the shortage of skilled personnel as well as help economies to grow safely.