About Us


About Us

Who are we?

The Women's Association in Technology (Wtech), which was chaired by 360+ Media Founding Agency President Zehra Öney, started its operations as of January 31, 2019. Our priority is to increase the number of women in the technology industry and to support social development by ensuring that women discover their potential and equal opportunities in the world of science and technology.


Why Wtech?

  • In the light of the researches, we now know that those who will make a difference both in the global arena and in our country will be people working in the digital world.
  • In order to create value in science and technology, from university desks to professional life; from entrepreneurship to boss; When we can be shoulder to shoulder as women and men, our path will be open.
  • The growth and development of a society that has reached the age will only be realized by the hands of successful people from all walks of life. Equal opportunities for men and women are a must for advancing in all areas. We are aware that when prejudices and obstacles are destroyed and everyone who wants to express themselves in the field of science and technology is given equal opportunities, our progress will be much faster. That's why we are together to support women in the fields of science, technology and informatics.


As Wtech, our aim is:

  • Increasing the number of Technology Women who are curious, researcher, creative, courageous and self-confident, employed in every sector, entrepreneur, inventor and inspiring,
  • To support our girls and young women to be interested in the technology sector and to make a career plan in these areas,
  • Supporting the research and development of our young women studying in this field and creating an eco-system that will help them expand their social networks,
  • To ensure that women and men develop together and adopt the technology that carries the business and society to the future,
  • As in the private sector, public and academy areas; To provide an inclusive and egalitarian approach to gender balance in the digital world, technology and science, and to be an example in this regard,
  • To inform and motivate our young women who are trained to work in other sectors to understand the power of technology and use this power in their own fields.

The percentage of women in the technology sector in Turkey, only 9.91%

Our works to increase this figure higher:

  • Determining the status of women in science and technology sector with research and measurement studies,
  • Supporting university students in their first job steps, ensuring that they receive mentorship and bringing them together with role models,
  • Keeping the pulse of the developments in the world in technology and science events, inspiring female employees and STEM students in the sector,
  • Turkey and in the world of technology and made more visible detection of Turkish women working in science and role models,
  • Support of state institutions on “Education of Women in Technology, R&D Activities and Development of Business Opportunities” through lobbying activities to be held at the public,
  • Cooperation with MEB and related public institutions in order to conduct talent management in the fields of mathematics, science and physics from the primary and secondary education periods of girls, and to prepare studies that can support talented girls in this field.