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Personal Information No. 6698 to inform you about how your personal data was collected and processed by the Women's Association in Technology ("Association") within the scope of this Lighting Text, website ("Site") and Wtech Platform ("Platform" with the Site). Prepared in accordance with the Data Protection Law and related legislation ("KVKK").


Your Personal Data

Membership: The following personal data that you share with us through the electronic form you filled during your membership to the platform are collected and processed.

·         Your account information: username, e-mail address, password

·         Your educational information: your current educational status (associate, bachelor, master, doctorate); your university, faculty, department and class information and your graduation status

·         Your CV information: your personal data in the CV / CV document you shared

·         Photo: photo you shared

·         Areas of interest

·         Video link (the video itself is not processed by the Association)

Newsletter: Within the scope of your e-newsletter membership, only the e-mail address you share with us on the form is collected and processed.

Site (Cookies): Even if you are not a member of the platform, certain analytical data such as IP address, browser version, use of the Site and any errors encountered during your visit to the Site can be automatically processed via cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored to help your internet browser save information during your visit to their website.


Our Personal Data Processing Purposes

Within the scope of the platform, your personal data is limited to the following purposes:

·         To bring together our members and our members, institutions and angel investors in line with their interests and preferences and to enable interaction between them.

·         To inform the people who have received education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) about job and internship opportunities and to provide them with job and internship opportunities in these fields

·         To carry out activities such as organization, event, meeting, workshop and project in line with the objectives and objectives of the association and the above objectives and to ensure participation in similar activities

·         To provide communication between our members and investors and related official and civil institutions and organizations.

·         To carry out communication activities related to the Platform with our members

·         To evaluate and respond to complaints and requests regarding the platform

·         Preparing reports in line with the aims and objectives announced by the Association

·         To work for the improvement and development of the Platform and the Site and to prevent malicious uses

·         Fulfilling the legal obligations of the association


Our Personal Data Processing Reasons

In accordance with the above purposes, your personal data is collected and processed for the following reasons:

·         Necessary for the performance of the contract (for example, providing the necessary services in line with your interests, in accordance with your membership purpose)

·         Being compulsory to fulfill our legal obligations (eg sharing information with official institutions)

·         It is mandatory for our legitimate interests, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms (for example, the development of the Site or the prevention of abuse of the Platform)

·         Your explicit consent (if necessary if one of the other reasons is not present)


Personal Data Sharing

We may share your personal data with the following third parties to the extent necessary to achieve the above objectives:


·         Within the scope of the projects and works we carry out as an association, if necessary and to the extent necessary, with companies, non-governmental organizations, other private legal entities and real affairs and official institutions and organizations

·         Companies that are possible or current investors, sponsors, employers or project owners, non-governmental organizations, other private legal entities and real businesses, and official institutions and organizations.

·         With official institutions and organizations to fulfill our legal obligations

·         As an association, in cases where it is obligatory to provide the services and products we provide from outside, and with our suppliers to the extent necessary


Your rights

You can send your requests regarding your rights listed in Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 to [●] via e-mail or in writing to the address below.

Women in Technology Association - Kemeraltı Cad. No: 24 K.7 Galata, Karaköy / İstanbul

We hereby inform you that if the transactions carried out in accordance with your requests require a cost, the fee determined by the Personal Data Protection Board may be charged. 

For detailed information about your rights under the KVKK, you can visit the website of the Personal Data Protection Authority at or call the ALO 198 Data Protection Line Information Consultancy Center.