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Leyla Deliç has been appointed as Coca-Cola İçecek Information Technologies Director since July 2, 2018. Starting his career as a Network Engineer in Time Trend Computers at the United States in 1995, Deliç then worked in different companies and countries until 2008. Between 2008 and 2010, he worked as Information Technologies Director at Aras Holding. Prior to joining CCI, Deliç held various positions in GE Healthcare company in the United States between 2010-2016, and was appointed as Information Technologies Director at GE Healthcare in 2016-2018. Deliç completed his undergraduate education in Southwestern University Electrical Engineering Department in 1995 and received his master's degree in Computer Engineering Department of the same university in 1997.

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Leyla Deliç

Leyla Deliç

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