My Journey at Wtech Academy

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My Journey at Wtech Academy

Hello, I am Eda Naz, I am a graduate of Wtech - Test Engineering Education and I am currently receiving Wtech - Data Science Education. I would like to tell you what my Wtech journey brought me.

First of all, Wtech Platform aims to support students and young graduates studying in STEM fields. In addition to trainings and certificate programs, they also organize mentoring activities that will support them in their career journey.

They listen, understand, believe and try to support your dreams. The trainings are programmed in an intense, full and fun way. While learning information that will make us stand out in business life with the technical trainings given by experts in the field, I think that they provide awareness and provide great support with soft skill trainings that can enable us to discover ourselves, strengthen our personality, display a practical and flexible stance towards life. Apart from technical training, it was very enjoyable for me that soft skill trainings were so fun and supportive in terms of motivation.

It is reassuring and motivational that our instructors and mentors say "if you have any questions, contact me here", that each of our instructors return to questions, and that they continue the bond they have established with you after the training. The detailed feedback received after the homework is very encouraging. I feel that I have established a bond with our teachers and fellow students and I am happy to be in this bond.

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