What We Do?


What We Do?

As the Association of Women in Technology, we carry out studies that will create human diversity and create value in science and technology by raising competent and expert individuals in their fields, and we invest in people with all our strength. As we continue our work, we move forward on three main focuses.

Within the scope of "training", which is our first focus, we provide completely free, certified, online and interactive technical trainings and soft skill trainings under the roof of Wtech Academy. We provide our students with technical training in many topics such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Data Science, .Net, Business Analysis, Test Engineering, SQL Database Specialist, Mobile Developer, Cyber ​​Security, E-Commerce, Technology Law, Marketing, Emotional Intelligence, Python, CyberOps. While making them competent experts, we prepare our students for the working world with our soft skill trainings such as CV preparation, entrepreneurship, effective communication, and digital age competencies. Our students, who successfully complete our training, gain free and worldwide certificates; In addition to our mentoring and coaching support, they are taking their first steps into employment with our Wtech HR formation.

Our second focus is “sustainability”. As the Association of Women in Technology, we attach great importance to sustainability, which builds our future, and we produce projects to ensure the continuity of diversity and productivity. With our Sustainability Committee, which we established in line with our sustainability goal, we work every year by determining one of the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals. In 2020 - 2021, we set the goal of "Zero Hunger", that is, "End Hunger", and launched the Technological and Innovative Solutions Competition in Agriculture to make agriculture sustainable, use technology in agriculture and increase the power of women. In 2022, we will move forward in line with the goal of "Clean Water and Sanitation". We will once again bring people to the fore on the issues we deal with in the name of sustainability every year.

Our third focus is “research and measurement”. Based on the idea that we cannot understand and manage what we cannot measure, we started to work to close the big gap in the field of all-seeing index studies, which will reveal the value of research and measurement. As a result of the preliminary work we started with IPSOS, one of the largest research companies in the world, we completed our infrastructure to present a pioneering measurement study on the human index in technology and the women's breakdown in this index. In this research project that we are carrying out to understand Turkey's technological dynamics, we extract Turkey's technology and people index from sociocultural, geopolitical and technological aspects. By returning our focus to people, we will index the relationship of individuals above a certain age group with technology, the gender breakdown of individuals working in technology, whether STEM graduates continue to work in technology, and if so, their satisfaction. Thus, we will have a source study that can give us our own data, not foreign sources. According to UNESCO data, the proportion of women among scientists in the world is less than 30%. We, as the Women in Technology Association, aim to determine the gender differences in the fields of technology and science in Turkey, and to obtain data that will enable the determination of the human index, especially in the field of technology, through an in-depth field study. By starting Turkey's first technology and people index study, we aim to map people's relationship with technology in Turkey.